This page addresses some common questions that the board has received about annual dues.

If you have additional questions that this article does not answer, please contact us.

Annual Dues

Purpose of Annual Dues
The Association uses the annual dues to promote the health, safety, welfare, and recreation of residents in the subdivision. The assessment pays for improvements, repairs, and maintenance of the landscaping, perimeter fencing, the clubhouse and the clubhouse parking lot. It also pays for insurance policies and legal expenses that the Association incurs.

Rights of the Association to Collect Annual Dues
For the Association to function we require timely payment of annual dues from all members. The covenants grant legal rights to the Association to collect assessments and legally obligate all members to pay them.

What happens if you don't pay your assessments?
For each year you do not pay your assessments the Association files a lien against your property with the McLean County Recorder's office. A lien adds an additional $81.00 in fees to your account balance, increasing it from $60.00 to $141.00 for that year. The Association also restricts your membership privileges; you will not be able to rent the clubhouse and attend community social events until your account balance is paid in full.

What is a lien?
A lien is a legal document that is filed with the McLean County Recorder's office and attached to your property. A lien prevents you from refinancing your mortgage and/or selling your home until it is paid off and a lien release is filed with the McLean County Recorder's office.

What happens if you continue to remain delinquent on your assessments?
If you choose to remain delinquent on your assessments and the liens filed on your property you could lose your home! The Association will contact its attorney to file foreclosure papers against the liens on your property.

How to Pay Your Annual Dues
Write a check in the amount of $60.00 payable to "Savannah Green Homeowners Association". 

Make sure the street address of the property appears on your check. 

Mail it to the following address:
Savannah Green Homeowners Association
PO Box 114
Normal, IL 61761

You may also drop off your payment in the mailbox attached to the clubhouse.  Please do not leave cash in mailbox. 

How to Request Legal Verification of Paid Annual Dues
If you are moving or refinancing and need legal verification that your annual dues are paid in full, please fill out the 
Dues Verification Request Form. The Board cannot guarantee fulfillment of your request without a two week notice; please don't wait until the last minute.

Legal Use of Association Funds
The covenants legally constrain the Association to use the funds for said purposes. To prevent theft or misappropriation all checks drafted from Association accounts require two signatures from Board members. If a couple serves on the Board, then the name of only one member of that couple is added to the accounts. This ensures that no single person or couple has total control over the Association's funds.