F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S


• How much of a time commitment is required when I am a member of the board of directors?

        Time commitments and responsibilities will differ with each position. Generically speaking, each board member has a responsibility to attend all organized board meetings, the annual meeting, and are encouraged to attend events planned by the association.  Additional time and effort may be different for each volunteer based on family, work and life - which we deem to be first priority for all our residents.  

• If I choose to join the board of directors, am I committed for a specified amount of time?

        No.  While we would like for board members to serve a 2 year term based on the voting schedules, it is not required.  

​•What if I don't want to assume the responsibility of a board position, but I would like to help out on occasion when I have the time? 

        We understand that adding to your list of responsibilities and commitments oftentimes isn't always ideal.  We appreciate and would like to accommodate any and all residents that wish to be involved, and joining a committee is the perfect way to do this.   Choose a committee that handles the scope of projects that interest you the most, and you can be contacted by the VP in charge when opportunities arise.  

The success of our committees depends

on the involvement of association members. 

Architecture Committee - Currently 0 members
The Architecture Committee ensures that additions or improvements to a home or lot comply with the covenants of the subdivision by assisting the Architecture VP.  Members of this committee shall obtain knowledge and understanding of Savannah Green HOA Covenants, as well as Town of Normal laws and ordinances in order to better serve the community. 

Communications Committee - Currently 0 members
The Communications Committee will assist the Communications VP in handling social media accounts, website creation and/or updates, maintaining minutes from board meetings, and assisting all board members in advertising upcoming events, meetings or announcements.  

Finance Committee - Currently 0 members
The Finance Committee will assist the Finance VP by helping to collect bills, collect mail, and assist in all dues related items such as dues verifications and dues collections.  

Operations Committee - Currently 0 members
The Operations Committee will assist the Operations VP by helping to oversee maintenance and operations of the common facilities and grounds (1020 Ogelthorpe ).   Operations will include, but not be limited to, lawn maintenance, snow removal, general maintenance of the clubhouse, etc...  

Safety Committee - Currently 0 members
The Safety Committee will assist the Safety VP by facilitating programs to maintain safety throughout the subdivision.  

Social Committee - Currently 0 members
The Social Committee will assist the Social VP in organizing community events and encourages the upkeep of the association grounds where such activities will be hosted. 

Logistics Committee - Currently 0 members
The  Logistics Committee will assist the Logistics VP manage all things related to clubhouse rentals and reservations.  

Volunteer Information

Architecture VP
The Architecture VP ensures that additions or improvements to a home or lot comply with the covenants of the subdivision. Before conducting improvements or additions to a house or garage, homeowners must submit a request for approval.

Safety VP
The Safety VP mitigates and addresses safety hazards throughout the subdivision.

Logistics VP
The VP of Logistics manages the reservations of the Clubhouse and in general perform the duties of the office of VP of Logistics.

Committee Volunteers

​​​​​The Savannah Green subdivision was designed with socialization in mind.   

Knowing your neighbors, not just as neighbors, but as friends, is the goal to any thriving neighborhood. 

Good Vibes Attract Good People!  

If you are new to area, or if you've been here a while and are just looking for a way to get more involved in your community, there are several ways to accomplish just that!  Check out the opportunities below, and send an email to inquire about more information.  

Board Member Positions