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Architectural Change Application Form
Use this form to request permission to make architectural changes to your home or property.

Architectural Change Drawing Form
Use this form to diagram the architectural change(s) you wish to make and submit it with your application form.

Architectural Variance Request Form
Use this form to request approval for an architectural change that does not conform to the covenants.

Yard Fencing
Rules and Restrictions
All fences must be between 42 and 48 inches tall, white in color, picket style and made of PVC or similar material (per the agreement between the developers and the Town).
Styles must be similar to those pictured here (per the agreement between the developers and the Town).
Fences may be placed directly on the lot line (per Town code).
A ten foot easement along the alley must be maintained (per Town Code).

Construction Procedures
Send the following to the Architecture VP:
    • A completed Architectural Change Application Form
    • A completed Architectural Change Drawing Form
    • A photo of the fencing material you intend to use.

The Architecture VP and committee will review your application and respond with an approval, a declination or a request for additional information.

Mailing Address:
Vice President of Architecture
c/o Savannah Green Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 114
Normal, IL 61761

Porch Railings
If you want to match the existing railing on your home, you can find identical building materials at:

Lumberyard Suppliers, Inc.
1202 Eastport Dr, Bloomington

Basement Egress Well Covers
Boman Kemp manufacturers the egress well systems that are installed in most if not all Savannah Green homes. They make a steel grate and acrylic cover that you can purchase from their local distributor:

MJE Construction
#4 Carri Dr, Bloomington

Measure and record the dimensions of your egress well opening before you purchase one.

According to the homeowners manual one of our earliest residents received, the siding used in Savannah Green homes is Norandex Woodsman. The closest authorized dealer is Waters Construction in Clinton, IL. The homeowner who submitted this information worked with them to replace some damaged siding; the new siding was a perfect match.

Roof Shingles

Atlas Roofing Corporation manufactures and provides the warranty for the shingles for Savannah Green homes. Atlas makes about 16 different shingles with differing warranty periods and wind speed limits. For warranty service, call Atlas Roofing Corporation at 1-800-478-0258.

This page contains architectural resources like forms, procedures and local businesses that carry building materials for your Savannah Green home. If you know of a business that carries building materials for Savannah Green homes and would like to see it listed here, please let us know.
Disclaimer: The businesses listed on this page are merely suggestions and not
endorsements by SGHOA.


Please be aware that information may change over time.  If you are aware of any other helpful resources - or inaccurate information listed above, please contact us!